Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WV-certainly wild but not so wonderful

Over the weekend, C and I made our way to Morgantown, West Virginia for a wedding. Beautiful country, no doubt but getting around was rough! Our GPS clearly was having issues and we ended up on gravel roads more than once :). But it was worth it to see my cousin Darin and his lovely bride Mallorie tie the knot and spend time with family.

Pregnancy symptoms were not left in Ohio as I left my purse at the church and we had to make the 40 minute trek back there before heading out of town. I wasn't too worried about it being stolen, after all a church is probably the safest place to leave a purse!

As an added bonus, on our way home we were able to have brunch with newlyweds Kelly and Altay! So good to spend some time with them and hear about their honeymoon in Maine.
Gravel roads AND a giant puddle????  We turned around!

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