Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby's first photo

On Friday, Chris and I went in for our first ultrasound and my 13 week checkup. All went well (after our 45 minute wait because they were running behind schedule). We heard the baby's heart beat, 161 and got some great photos of the little one!

I've gained 2 lbs since my initial checkup at 5 weeks but it feels like 10. I can certainly tell everything is shifting but have been able to keep wearing my regular clothes, thankfully, but I know these days are limited. I'm feeling better and starting to gain more energy, which is good! We've started to make lists of what we need to work on over the coming months, or at least I have :).

Over the weekend, baby received its first outfits-little sleeps from C's parents, so cute!

So momma friends, maternity clothes are on my horizon (or at least any bigger clothes), where were your favorite places to shop? Any tips and tricks I need to know?  Remember that I need to be presentable for work 4 days a week in business dress (yoga pants are acceptable in my home office!).


Lindsay Crick said...

I stumbled on this blog via their Etsy shop after Jeff bought me a bag from them for my birthday. She is a runner, and is due with her first baby in October. Thought you might find it useful since she talks about running while pregnant, clothing, DIY stuff for the baby etc. http://twotinvt.blogspot.com/

Cari Bear said...

I am already jealous of Baby Kimmet for having jammies with duckies on the feet.

Danielle Susan said...

The jammies with ducky feet ( and froggies) are a must! But for you, motherhood maternity has good maternity clothes, the one in Columbus has a few brands including peas in a pod which is a littler nicer/higher end. You can def find good dress pants at motherhood maternity and kohls. I actually think that H&M has maternity, but I never got there. I would say that the maternity clothes at the outlet didn't seem any cheaper or better than the regular stores. Oh, and target has some goood stuff but I felt like it got picked over quickly (due to it's small size) so I stopped there frequently. I'm sure I have more advice so I'll think about it....yoga pants were my favorite item of clothing while being pregnant:)

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thanks Ladies!

Lindsay, I will check out this link.

Cari, I'm jealous too :)

Danielle, will certainly check these places out! From what I hear, the Motherhood Maternity is one of the largest stores around.

Catie Ingram said...

I got a lot of my maternity clothes used on ebay! Saved tons! Consignment stores have a good selection too - I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much on clothing I'm only going to wear for a few months. I also recommend only buying a few pieces at a time because your body can change so much the further along you go. Skirts are great and I couldn't have made it through without the tummy sleeves I bought from Motherhood

Sonya Kimmet said...

Katie, thanks for the advice! I agree that its crazy to spend a lot of $$ for clothes for a few months. Will check out the local consignment stores, I'm hoping I can find work appropriate clothing!