Monday, August 29, 2011

Millionaire Brisket

Over the winter, Chris and I tried something new...we ordered our beef by the quarter of the cow (technically a half of a half). There is something so comforting about knowing where your food comes from. In this instance we know the family who raised the cow. Once we decided that we were in, I spoke to the butcher to determine how we would like our beef cut and packaged. We talked through each cut of meat: steaks, roasts, hamburger, how much per package, how thick the steaks and roasts, ect. When we came to the brisket, I decided to get it as I was told "it's great in a crock pot"....well see Exhibit A:

and in 2009 we were in NC.

And yes, that is my roasting pan for's the only thing in the house big enough to hold this thing.

I want to know what size crock pot these people have because there is NO WAY this would fit in mine :) So instead, we threw a birthday party for Chris with a bbq theme! Last year we did beer can chicken and in 2009 he was in Afghanistan and in 2008 spent his birthday in NC.

Brisket, spicy beans, potato salad, slaw, corn bread and pie. Needless to say, everyone ate well!

I used a recipe from BBQ University on PBS (remember, no cable in our house) and it turned out great. We did modify the recipe slightly by searing the brisket on the grill but then finishing it off in the oven. I know, not proper BBQ technique, but I work with what I have...which is a gas grill and an oven.

Also, we had GORGEOUS weather, perfect for dining outside and throwing a few corn-hole bags. I'm so glad because fitting all 16 of us would have been a squeeze in the house, we could have done it though.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the food because they are the only ones I have of the entire party. Once the guests arrive and food is served, I spent time with the birthday boy and family!


Steve and Sharon said...

The party was great, good food as always and getting to spend quality time with family and friends. We are so blessed. Love you Mom and Dad Kimmet

Sonya said...

I agree, blessed!