Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hotel Living

Needless to say, things have been a little crazy around here (hence the lack of blogging and running...but that's another post).  We spent a week with my parents before Chris started his job, then headed to Bulter, PA over the weekend for a dear friend's wedding and now to Cleveland for good!  Chris started work yesterday so we need to be here everyday but aren't able to move into our new home until Friday at 6pm so it's extended stay hotel for us.  Max and Lila, of course, are still in the country.  By the time they make it up here over the weekend, they will have spent 3 weeks in the open air, un-fenced yards, hanging out with Brutus, rolling around on the carpeted floors and doing whatever they please.  I think they might miss it after they come up here :)

Here are a few photos I stole from my friend Cari of the weekend wedding festivities.  The bride and groom were just glowing and the ceremony a perfect blend of their personalities and cultures (Altay is from Turkey and Kelly is from Pittsburgh).  I'm not sure where my camera cord is at the moment so these will  have to suffice:

The lovely bride and groom

APhiO Girls: Cari, Sonya, Tammie, Kelly

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