Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Congrats to Chris!

As promised, here is a photo of C's graduation!  I'm so, so proud of him for working hard these last two years to complete his MBA and transition from the Army life to a civilian one (I think he made the transition very well!).  There have been many late nights, lots of group meetings and even some conference calls.  Now that grad school is behind both of us, I'm looking forward to our next adventure together (i.e. moving this week)!  

Chris in his cap and gown. The should braid is because he's a
veteran.  He also graduated with 2 chords, one for his seat with
Fisher Board Fellows and one for his case competition

Running Update:

Day 15-2 miles + hot yoga
Day 16-2 miles + body pump (tonight)

Week 2-Complete!  Total to date: 30.27 miles

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Super Shegan said...

Congrats Chris!!!! How exciting that you've completed that chapter in your lives together! Good luck with the move! We can't wait to see more pictures :)