Monday, March 31, 2008

Leave 2008 (aka Vacation)

Well our vacation has been going great and is still on-going as Chris hasn’t returned to work yet. His tentative plan is to return next Monday after spending a week bumming around the apartment with me and playing all the video games his heart desires. We had a great time skiing with Mom, Dad, Andrew, Danielle and Aaron and have lots of stories because “we do things are different on the mountain”. If you want to know, just ask …but it is a good bet that we are never going to ski at Snowshoe again. The best part was just hanging out with family and a good game of Apples to Apples. After the ski trip we returned to Ohio and spent some time at my former place of employment and then stayed with Chris’ sister Danielle where we admired her newly refinished dining room and bedroom hardwood floors. The best part about being at home was spending lots of time with family and friends. Luckily for us, Easter fell during leave and we were able to see 99% of family in one day! While home we also went out to dinner with Chris’ Grandparents, watched my brother Andrew get Confirmed, helped Mom paint a bedroom and took care of loose ends (ex. Taxes, new drives license). Chris also spoke to the kids at my Mom’s school about being deployed in Iraq. After two wonderful weeks, we decided to come back to NC with a couple of stops on our journey to visit Bryan, Kim and Kayleigh and to visit the WEJ in NC. Both families were gracious enough to let us spend the night and we had a blast catching up them. Since being home Chris and I have organized the guest room (someone can actually stay in there now!) to make it comfortable for guests and set up a craft area for my new sewing machine. We also finished hanging some artwork around the house and reorganized the furniture to fit better in the dining room. Chris would like to get out on the golf course and grill outside but it’s been raining since we returned on Sunday so he will have to settle for more video games and college hoops until the clouds clear.

Chris and Sonya on the lift at Snowshoe.

Chris speaking to a class at Donnel Middle School.

Chris with one of the classes after his talk

yum, 1 1/2 year old cake anyone??
It actually was pretty good.
Wii Time!

The craft section of the guest room.

The bedroom part of the guest room.

Reorganized diningroom with the table and island.

New artwork for the bedroom.
We used an old calander to make graphic prints.


Aunt sandy said...

Wow, your apartment is looking GOOD! I can see the 2 of you have been busy! I like it a lot.

Sonya said...

Thanks! We've been very busy getting everything into place before the summer guests start to arrive!