Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally some bedroom furniture!

Chest of drawers for Chris (his Dress Blues Jacket hanging on the front)

Sonya's "girly dresser"

Our new bed

The good news is we are no longer sleeping with our mattress on the floor! The funny thing is with the bed frame, box spring and mattress I almost have to jump to get into bed now. While Chris was in Ohio for his weekend rendezvous (I have been encouraging him to blog about his weekend getaway but it hasn’t happened yet) with friends and family I purchased bedroom furniture. Don’t worry, we visited numerous stores and had it narrowed down to two sets before he left so he had some input. Both of the sets were stained a dark wood color but one was more modern with a solid headboard and one was more traditional with a slatted headboard. After much deliberation on my part, we decided to go with the more traditional of the two sets because I thought it was more classic looking and wouldn’t go out of style as quickly and for about the same price it included another dresser. We are all about getting a good deal! We had the set delivered and set up on Tuesday afternoon and I just love it. I have the “girly dresser” as Chris calls it, the one with the mirror, and he has claimed the tall chest of drawers and the night stand. It’s only fair that he gets the bigger dresser because we have two closets in our bedroom and I have taken possession of the larger one, due to more clothing of course! But to make it more fair, he does have a shelf in my closet for sweaters…not sure if they will get much use here but that is beside the point. What do you expect from someone who has worked in retail her entire life?!?!?!


Stephen said...

Hi there Chris and Sonya - I really like your furniture, it looks very classy. It also makes the bedroom look much more complete. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Dad K.

Anonymous said...

Girly dresser? It doesn't look that girly! Yeah furniture! And yeah clothes! And mostly yeah Chris and Sonya's place!


Sonya said...

Girly due to the mirror because girls need mirrors, at least that is his reasoning!