Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Sewing Project

Now that I’ve had a chance to get familiar with my new sewing machine, I’ve tackled my first project: putting a small curtain in the bathroom to cover up the shop vac. (Yes, it is a strange place to store a shop vac but we have to be creative with our use of space to fit everything into the apartment.) I hated walking into the bathroom and seeing the unsightly appliance so getting it covered was a top priority and it was an easy project! Danielle gave me the cool vase/pebbles/candle for my birthday and it fits perfectly in here.


Aunt Sandy said...

Sonya, things are looking good! A bit of a change since the last time I saw it.

Tanna said...

Everything looks so nice! I am actually jealous that you have the time to complete your sewing projects. Some day, I will too.....:)

Sonya said...

Thanks to both of you! Since I'm not working yet, I can get get engulfed in projects and work until completed. My new one is a baby blanket for a friend...I think this one will take me a while!