Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Country For Old Men

Chris and I are giving NetFlix a try and we received our first movie in the mail on Monday. Last night after dinner and a walk around the apartment complex we put in “No Country for Old Men”. Chris liked it but I didn’t. The premise of the movie is a man out hunting comes across a drug deal gone wrong. He finds a satchel of money that he keeps and goes on run to protect it. The man character is hunted by a psychopathic murderer after the money. I would describe the movie in one word as suspenseful, not really my favorite type of movie. I also didn’t feel that the movie had enough closure as the murderer was still on the prowl. Hopefully our second movie pick is better!


Erin said...

The ending of No Country for Old men wasn't great, but I liked it a couple weeks ago when I rented it. The book was better.

You'll love Netflix. I've been getting it for bout 3 years now and I love it. Rent Atonement if you haven't seen it. Kinsey was good too. Miss you!


sandy z said...

Must be the week for Netflix-I got my 1st movie on Sat.-The Enchanted. Haven't watched it yet, maybe this w/e with some of the grandkids.

Sonya said...

Erin, Thanks for the recommendations! I haven't seen either of those movies yet but I bet Chris has...he's pretty much up to date because they watched a lot of movies in Iraq. Miss you too! Come visit if you need a break from school!

Sandy, Enchanted is very good! We watched it with the Kimmets the night before Eeaster, the grandkids will love it!