Friday, February 22, 2008

Sonya's Last Day at Work

Sonya, Jean, Bonita and Carol
Sonya with the cake
Joe and Joe
Jean, Diana, Gary, Patty, Jill, Donna, Laura and Mike
Sonya, Bill, Carol and Jean
Laura, Mike and Bointa

On my last day at work we had a going away luncheon and ordered from one of my favorite places, Noodles and Company. If you are not familiar with them you pick a noodle dish, the size and then your protein to make an upscale fast food type of lunch (I would put them in the same category as Panera or Chipotle). I ordered one of my favorites, the Indonesian Peanut Saute with chicken and it was delicious as always. We had a nice crowd at lunch and finished off our meal with a cake. Carol presented me with a plaque of the 1955 Good Housekeeping article “The Good Wife’s Guide”. It has been a running joke in the office that this will be the standard in my home upon moving to NC as I’ve received it several times in the past couple of weeks! If you haven’t read the article here it is: Now if you really know me, you would understand that under no circumstances will this be followed! I love my husband dearly but I’m not prepared to time travel back to 1955 for his enjoyment because in this decade most households have two working members and everyone should pitch in to keep things running smoothly!

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