Friday, February 8, 2008

Moving Madness-Part I

A photo of the pool at our new apartment complex in NC

My room at the Westwood house
(it will all go in our guest room in NC)

The moving has commenced and I'm not sure how long this process will take. Aaron, Danielle and I are moving out of the Westwood house because we found a couple to sublease it until our lease is up in June (great because we don't have to pay rent here and in NC after the move). So this weekend we're moving to Danielle and Tim's house and then next weekend my Mom and I will rent a U-haul to pull behind the Jeep to move everything to North Carolina. I'm starting to get over-whelmed by the sheer amount of objects to be moved and most of them are in storage yet! If you weren’t aware, Chris and I agreed not to use the wedding gifts until we could use them together because we wanted them to be new to both of us so they have been in a storage unit for the past 15+ months since the wedding. Also, he has a storage unit in NC to hold his things during the deployment. It will be very nice to have everything in one place….in one state! Luckily, Chris and I have awesome families who are willing it pitch in and help us get everything to NC and set up before he arrives so he can just relax and enjoy being back in the USA. THANK YOU to everyone who has offered to help, we both appreciate it greatly! I’m sad to be leaving the Westwood house because I’ve really enjoyed living here but am very excited because I know that means Chris and I are one step closer to (finally) being able to start our married life together.

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Aunt sandy said...

The apartment complex look great! I can't wait to see it in person. Only a few more days left! See you in N.C.