Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Toy for Chris

As you know, Chris loves gadgets and anything electronic (it comes from his father) and over the weekend he bought a new toy: a Sony Bravia 40” Flat Screen TV. We had been watching our favorite programs on his 19” flat screen that he purchased and used in Iraq but it was making our eyes hurt and he had been wanting a new TV for some time, especially when his sister Danielle and her fiancĂ© got a brand new flat screen at Thanksgiving time. We spent a couple days checking out the local electronics stores and he spent time doing research online for this purchase. In the end, we decided on BestBuy because we had a 10% off coupon. Currently, Chris is setting up his X-Box Live on the new TV so they can get together to play their favorite games together online (shooting games, of course!)


Tanna said...

Great! Now Allan is REALLY going to push the purchase of a new TV for us. Don't tell him how great it is, please!
Have fun with your new toy, Chris. Sonya, what is YOUR new toy going to be? :)

Sonya said...

We just purchased two end tables and a coffee table for the living room, so that is my new toy!