Sunday, February 3, 2008

Senior Night

Sonya, Ryan and Jason at Senior Night

My (middle) brother Ryan is a senior in high school this year and is on the Varsity Basketball team. Since my parents are enjoying the sun and sand in the Dominican Republic, Jason and I escorted Ryan during Senior Night. The night is dedicated to the parents of the senior athletes and band members in recognition of all their support of their children’s efforts over the past 12 years or so in their extra-curricular activities. It was a great night to go home and watch some basketball! Eric, Chris’ brother, plays on the JV team and scored 2 3-point shots to help secure a victory for the JV Jacket team. Andrew (a freshman and my youngest brother) even saw some playing time at the end of the JV game. The Varsity game ended 89-78 in the Blue Jackets favor. Ryan did a great job despite a sore throat with 16 points, including 4 3-pointers! I’m trying to get to as many basketball games as possible before the move to NC and to enjoy watching Ryan’s senior year.


Tanna said...

LOVE the blog, Sonya! It is so fun to keep up with everyone using a blog and it is also great to look back and read what you had written after some time has passed. Can't wait to read about your adventures once Chris is home!

aunt said...

I agree with Tanna, the Blog is GREAT!!! Oh, You look great as a parent!!!