Friday, February 29, 2008

And something for Sonya

Neither Chris nor I had much furniture to speak of before moving into our apartment and what we do have are things we’ve been given or purchased cheaply so at this point nothing really matches but we are making do! Currently in our living room we have the new TV, the man couch (both ends recline, the middle folds down to reveal cup holders and it massages….clearly things a man would look for when purchasing furniture)and now three beautiful new tables! Since we are keeping the couch for a while, we decided that a table set (two end tables and a coffee table) would be very handy and spruce up the look of the couch as well. We liked this set because of the nice finish, great color and amount of storage in the drawers and shelf areas. When we got them home we realized that the coffee table may be a little large for our current living room but I think I just need to move the furniture around to find the best arrangement.

One of two end tables
Chris working on pins for his dress blues at the coffee table while watching the Office

In addition to shopping for new tables, we have been spending lots of time getting things in order in the new place. Here are some photos of what we’ve done so far:

Our bed is currently sitting on the floor, bedroom furniture is next on the list!

Our Dining Room, perfect for dinners for two but we did manage to fit seven people in there for a dinner party we threw on Sunday.

The kitchen (where I made our first completely from scratch dinner last night)
Check out the artwork on the fridge, it is from Will, Emma and Jack when they were here to see Chris come home.

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