Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meal Planning

After spending some time in DC and being out of town for Easter (hope you had a happy Easter!), we are back at meal planning!

Monday-turkey/black bean quesadillas (thanks to C's mom for sending us home with left-overs turkey)
Tuesday-Roasted whole chicken and oven roasted squash
Wednesday-Crock pot pork loin
Thursday-left overs
Friday-out to dinner for my birthday :)
Saturday-left overs

Since I've been home for lunches, I've been stocking up on greens and trying to eat salads with lots of protein (chicken, ham, hard-boiled eggs).  Chris packs his lunch almost every day and usually has left overs, so I try to plan meals with extra servings for him to take for a day or two.

I'm also whipping up some no bake energy bites for snacking (or sometimes 2 of these become my breakfast).

Here are a few photos from Easter:

Chris, Sonya and Henry (8 weeks)
"Ohh, let me touch the baby."  Luke was very good
with Henry!

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