Thursday, April 4, 2013

8 week well check visit

On Wednesday Henry went to the pediatrician for his 8 week well check visit. We met with CNP Allyson, who was awesome! She spent an hour with us answering questions about sleep schedules, vaccinations, development and gas :). I'm so so glad that Chris was able to meet me there, two sets of ears is better than one.

Here are the stats: 10lbs 8 oz and 22.5 inches long. H received two vaccinations (we are breaking them up so he doesn't have so many at once). There were a few areas of concern-both ours and Allyson's:

1. Gas. My oh my, our baby has gas! I wouldn't mind except it really bothers him (like crying in pain, wakes him up at night). H is starting on probiotics and I'm going to "food jail" (aka the elimination diet) to find out if its something I'm eating. Common causes are dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy, green veggies. Once this is under control it should help with issue #2.

2. Sleep schedules. I return to work in 3 weeks and we need to be on some sort of schedule around here. H had been getting up every three hours to eat and had gas in between so not much solid sleep for momma. I'm a light sleeper, especially when it comes to our baby so I was getting very broken sleep. We are working toward a set schedule with 2 hour naps and power feeding (feed every two hours) in the evenings to fill up the tank before bedtime. We are going in to soothe at nighttime wake ups and see if he goes back to sleep and if not, then feed. Allyson said at 10 lbs Henry should be able to go 6 hours at night between feedings. She also said the nighttime feedings were also contributing to nighttime gas (what goes in must come out).

3. Congenital Torticollis. Basically, the muscles in the left side of H's neck are really tight from his position in the womb so he favors turning his head to the right. We are going to see a PT a couple of times to get some exercises to stretch it out. (Wish our favorite PTA Brittany lived closer :)).

All in all, a very productive visit! It was do nice to have time to discuss our concerns and work through them with Allyson. Even though its only been 2 days, we think things are improving! There seems to be less gas/ fussiness and H is sleeping longer at night-he slept from 9pm to 4:30am last night! Amazing!

And now, for some photos:

Hey, I have a tongue!
Our smiley boy!
Bath time!
Post-bath, moving quick!
Playing makes me tired!


Alicia said...

He is soooooo ADORABLE! Glad everything's going good and he's getting more sleep at a time aka you are getting more sleep! I love the photo with Lila so cute, see you all in a few weeks.

Danielle Susan said...

Sorry to hear about his nighttime sleeping/gas issues, it's hard on a babies digestive system , and I think it's really hard to figure out how to fix it sometimes! But, glad to hear things might be improving! Also, Logan had torticollis and had to go to pt too! The exercises helped and I'm sure Henry will grow out of it soon! Glad to hear all is going pretty well and LOVE all the pictures!!