Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meal planning and bleeding dogs

Now that I'm following the (very boring) elimination diet, I don't have much desire to meal plan but here's what we have going on for the week:

Monday- left overs (chicken and rice, sweet potato fries)
Tuesday- roasted chicken and vegan butternut squash risotto (bn squash, chicken stock and rice)
Friday-out to dinner with the family (probably chicken)

As you can see, I'm eating A LOT of plain chicken, sweet potatoes, squash and rice. I also eat almonds and smoothies with almond butter, almond milk and banana. We are hesitant to say this is making a huge difference at this point but I'm going to stick it out for the 10 days and then evaluate. Chris isn't following the diet so he is adding spices and condiments and extra veggies to his meals-lucky guy!

Spring has finally come to Cleveland! We've been enjoying lots of walks with the dogs...until yesterday when Lila was bitten by a Great Dane who wasn't leashed. I didn't notice her injury until we got home and found blood around the house....and then more blood right as our first nanny interview started. It's a small wound on her leg so we aren't taking her in to the vet unless it isn't healing properly (don't worry, I called the vet to find out what to do). Here's a photo of Henry on the walk, pre-dog bite and our injured puppy.


Danielle said...

Henry looks so different in his sleeping picture! I can't believe how big he is getting!!

SAndy said...

He IS growing!! Love those chubby cheeks!! This just hasn't been a good time for dogs lately. Bandit is FINALLY acting himself and wanting to play some. Still not sure what was wrong, maybe some sort of infection in his head.
What a relief. Hope Lila heals fast.