Monday, July 6, 2009

Roughing it in PA

Well Max and I are back from our weekend in the mountains of PA, we survived no electricity (except by generator) and no indoor plumbing! We left on Thursday morning at 11:30am and it took 5 hours to drive to the cabin in the mountains near Ludlow, PA. Once we arrived, we set up camp. The cabin smelled musty and had to be aired out and it rained the first three days we were there so that didn't help matters. We had dinner at one of the local restaurants with Kenny and Becky, who were also spending the weekend at a cabin on the same mountain. On Friday we went to the railroad bridge that was half demolished by a tornado in 2003, we left when it started raining and then hit up Flickerwood Cellars winery for wine tasting. For $3 we got 6 tastings and a wine glass (if you bring the glass back you can get 6 more tastings for free). We enjoyed several of their wines and ended up becoming a member of their "Case Club" when we bought a whole case of wine. We then went hiking to a waterfall where Max managed to fall off a cliff. Luckily we was wearing his halter and leash and he just hung over the edge and the drop was only 5 or 6 feet so he wouldn't have dropped too far but it was still kind of scary. After the wine and hiking, we went back to camp and had dinner at the other camp. Some of the "locals" came up to have dinner with us and they were really nice. On Saturday (4th of July) we went into Kane, the nearest town, to buy stuff for dinner and had the other camp over for dinner. Then the ladies went back to Kane to watch fireworks that some guy set off in his back yard. They were an hour long and some of the best I have ever seen. I took Max which wasn't a good idea. He was completely terrified of them and spent the whole time cowering with either Mom or me. Here are a few photos of our trip:

Mom and Dad at the Cabin

Max and I at the Cabin

The Railroad Bridge destroyed by a tornado in 2003

At Flickerwood Cellars after the wine tasting

The waterfall we hiked to

Max hanging out in the car

Windsurfing out the window

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