Friday, July 24, 2009

More House Updates

Here are a few updates of the house, in no particular order :)

I'm thinking of painting our bedroom this taupe/tan/sand color called Rattan from Benjamin Moore. It will be a world of difference from the green! I like green and another more muted green is in the finals as well. I want something that works with our new bedroom comforter (the fabric at the bottom of the photo).

Here are some photos of the "completed" dining room. I need to make another curtain and then work on adding more to the walls but I'm happy with the progress so far. What is your opinion, red patterned curtains or the monotone silk?

Today I tackled hanging curtain rods, something Chris usually does. As I wasn't sure what I needed, I got out several tools, screws, ect.

Yesterday I updated the guest room with new curtains and pillow covers. I love the zebra but Chris was pretty skeptical about it when we spoke yesterday. I hope he comes around!

Lastly, on Thursday our chimney was cleaned and repaired. They found a gas line under all the log debris in the fire box. Apparently we can install a gas system and will have less mess than a wood burning fireplace.

Other projects on the list include deciding and painting the bedroom, re-upholstering the pink chair in the living room, and refinishing the hardwood floors and staircase. The last one may have to wait until Chris gets home.


Anonymous said...

I like the red curtains better then the plain one. But is there a way you could make the red curtains have a rod pocket rather then the loops? That would look very nice. I think the light curtains are too yellow for the room. I really like the design of the red curtains. I really like the zebra designs in the spare bedroom also! Hope all is well!

Love, Sharon

Sandy said...

I vote for the stripes and I think the guest room looks quite inviting! You are doing a GREAT job!