Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Time Fun (well, at least most of it)

Chris and I have been fairly busy for the past couple of weeks; some of it fun, some of it not. Last week was dominated with Chris being sick. At first we thought I had (accidently) poisoned him with some home-made Chicken Marsala but it turns out it was a chest cold that made its way into his ear canal causing him to be dizzy and get nauseous. He was sick all day Monday at work and then stayed home on Tuesday and Wednesday. We went to the Urgent Care on base and he was given an antibiotic and an anti-nausea medication on Tuesday night but it really only made him woozy…not an improvement!

On Friday Chris and I drove to Wilmington and met Danielle and Tim for a day at the beach! They arrived at 2:30am on Friday night after the long drive from Ohio. We spent Saturday on Oak Island enjoying the sun and sand….maybe a little too much as everyone got a little sun burnt. Luckily, Danielle was prepared with Aloe Vera and this great cooling gel that made everyone feel better. We came back to our apartment on Saturday evening and played some cornhole and watched a movie. On Sunday we did a little shopping (I miss having a girl to shop with), ordered some pizza, played more cornhole and played cards and moved very slowly due to the sun burns! Tim and Danielle left on Monday morning to visit the WEJ before heading back to Ohio. It was a short visit but we really enjoyed having them stay with us. I didn't get a group picture...maybe Danielle will post one on their blog.

Chris and I at Oak Island

The Shark that some guy caught and Tim helped release.

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