Monday, June 16, 2008

Chris and Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast

Bryan and Kayleigh on Father's Day
Chris and Aaron
Aaron checking out GTA
The summer months are upon us and so far we’ve had numerous days of 100+ weather...luckily that hasn’t been the only thing that summer has brought to our home! For the past two weekends Chris and I have had the pleasure of entertaining family visiting from Ohio. Last weekend Aaron (Chris’s cousin) and his girlfriend Angie spent the past weekend with us and this weekend we’ve had Bryan (another rof Chris’s cousins), Kim and their 11 month daughter Kayleigh stay with us. Both weekends were great and we’ve enjoyed spending time with them. Chris showed both sets of visitors around on base and took them to his office so they could see what his Army job is like. We also took both groups out around Fayetteville to see some of the town, not just the part connected to Ft. Bragg. I don’t like to leave everyone with the impression that Fayetteville is just Ft. Bragg: cheap restaurants, haircut shops for the guys and all the other types of “entertainment” you would expect to find around an Army base.

While Aaron and Angie were here the boys played some Grand Theft Auto since video games are a past time that they both like. Aaron and Angie were able to enjoy some of the amenities that our apartment complex offers including the pool and fitness center while Chris and I were at work. We took them to a local Italian restaurant that we’ve always enjoyed but unfortunately the service wasn’t great and put a damper on our time there (we waited an hour for our meals….it seemed just a little too long).

Bryan, Kim and Kayleigh got to enjoy the new cornhole boards that Chris made during their stay with us. Well, Kayleigh didn’t get to play but she did enjoy watching from the stroller while everyone else did. We hosted a cookout while they were here and hung out outside….at least until the sprinkler system in the lawn kicked and then everyone ran for cover into the apartment, including a toad that Chris had to chase out later when we spotted him. We were able to share a nice meal with our guests in downtown Fayetteville on Sunday and were happy to be able to spend Father’s Day with Bryan. It was great to have Kayleigh here to visit but I don’t think we are ready for our own little bundle of joy just yet. One of my cook books suffered a loss of a page to her inquisitive nature. I’m still trying to talk Chris into a puppy!
I think it’s safe to say that “Chris and Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast” is up and running so call for your summertime reservations….we are booking up fast!

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