Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ohio Weekend

There are times that I am amazed at what we can squeeze into a weekend when we need to! Chris and I left Fayetteville at 5pm on Friday to fly back to Ohio Ryan’s graduation party. Due to some miscalculation in driving time, having to turn around because we forgot something and traffic, we didn’t leave enough time to get there so we weren’t sure if we were even going to make in onto the plane before it took off….we were literally running through the airport. Thankfully, we didn’t check luggage and we barely made it on board. Once we arrived in Ohio Steve, Sharon, Tim and Danielle met us at the airport and then we went to my favorite restaurant, Figlio, for a great dinner! We followed our usual tradition which is ice cream from Jeni’s. Chris and I shared a dark coca gelato and strawberry buttermilk bowl of ice cream. Danielle was brave and tried the banana with goat cheese, it was awesome! After our great dinner, we went back to Tim and Danielle’s house to check out all the new improvements that they’ve made. The living room and dining room are now painted; they have primer in the bedroom and the landscaping looks great. Then we drove back to NW Ohio and fell into bed around 1am.
On Saturday we got up and ready early so we could help out my parents with the graduation party preparation but by the time we got there almost everything was done. It was nice to spend the afternoon catching up with the boys (this is what I’ve called my three brothers for as long as I can remember). I even got to chat with Tyler, one of my “adopted” brothers. Since my brothers have always had a lot of friends around the house it feels like I have about 15 brothers instead of three. Tyler and Ryan grew up together and share a passion for sports so he was always around.
The party started at 4:30pm and we spent the next six hours chatting with family and friends that we see rarely these days since we’ve moved to NC. One of my good friends from 4-H, Jill, even stopped over! It was really nice to be able to catch up with so many people while staying in one place. When we are home we usually hop around a little to see everyone. We left the party around 10pm so we could be fresh for our 3:30am alarm clock.
Chris and I were on the road to Columbus by 4am and made it to the airport plenty of time to spare (we really learned our lesson on Friday!) We had a smooth flight and we both napped for a bit before landing. Once we were back in NC, we drove to Wilmington so Chris could FINALLY bring home his new motorcycle from the Harley-Davidson dealership! It is really nice and he says it rides very well. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’m trying to get him to blog about it himself. I stopped at the mall (but no shoes this time) on my way home so he beat me back but hung out with friends until I got there at 3pm with the keys.
I ended the weekend by having dinner with friends and catching the Sex in the City movie and Chris choose to stay home. He doesn’t have to work tomorrow so his weekend is still going and he’s planning on finishing the corn hole boards that he started last week and of course, riding the new bike! Needless to say, it's been a busy couple of days!

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Anonymous said...

It was great having you guys home. It is amazing how much we can stretch time.

On behalf of "the boys," thanks,