Friday, November 6, 2009

Max's Winter Gear

The weather in Ohio has turned chilly and Max has been getting cold so I'm trying to find him the right gear(don't pass judgment about him wearing clothes, you'd get cold too if you were only 9lbs).

Here is a coat that I bought him last year that was too big but I think with a little altering will fit this year:

I bought him this coat this year but he didn't like it so I took it back. He wouldn't/couldn't bend his front legs so he walked with straight front legs while wearing it...comical, but not pratical:

I liked the coat we had for him last year because it was windbreaker material so he didn't get wet and it reflected light so cars could see him but he's outgrown it this year. I'm still searching for a good replacement for him!


Sandy said...

These pictures are a hoot! I hope Max gets a winter coat soon, he doesn't appear to be enjoying the situation at ALL!

Sonya said...

Chris thinks "the black coat doesn't look good at all". It's a good thing I returned it!