Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let me tell you about my Monday…

Normally my days start pretty smoothly,after all it's just me and Max, but not Monday! I was in Columbus still for a doctor’s appointment and then was driving back to NW Ohio for work. My issues started when I went to back the Jeep out of the garage, more precisely when I tried to use the “unlock” button and nothing happened. Okay, dead battery not a big deal IF I could reach it to charge it which I can’t because I pulled it in the garage not backed it in. So I decided that I can take my car, I didn’t really need the Jeep this week. I need it to haul my Christmas tree and Chris’ Christmas gift (hint: it’s too big to fit into my Jetta) but that can wait another week. So I drive to my doctor’s appointment, once there I find out my doctor is sick and no one called to let me know. Once again, not a big deal IF another doctor in the practice can see me which I find out they can’t and I have to reschedule for next week. By the way, I didn’t even get an apology from the receptionist for the fact that I came in for an appointment that was cancelled but no one bothered to tell me. Seriously, if I offered customer service like this, I would not have a job! There is a Starbucks located next to my doctor’s office so I decided to treat myself to peppermint mocha after the rough start to my day, not a good idea when all I’ve had was a protein shake 2 hours ago since I my stomach hurt the entire ride back. In the grand scheme of things none of these issues are major they just made for a bumpy start to my week!

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