Monday, February 16, 2009

Our weekend guest

A couple of weekends ago I offered to watch Bruno, my friend Caitlin’s adorable Jack Russell Terrier (or shall I say terror). Caitlin and Brian dropped him off while I was at work on Friday so they could visit family for the weekend. When I got home, he and Max had chewed up a basket that held magazines and Max had thrown up the wicker he ingested, nice. I took both boys for a walk on their retractable leashes to get some of the energy out. It took a little while to get used to two dogs going in opposite directions! On our way back home, my upstairs neighbor, Adam, stopped me to ask if everything was okay because he heard a lot of barking which is unusual because Max barks very infrequently. I said everything was fine and apologized for having to listen to 4 straight hours of barking. When I got ready for bed, I tried to get Bruno to lie down but he was insistent on barking at what ever was outside our door…from 11:30 to 12:30. At this point, I felt even worse for Adam! On Saturday, Bruno and Max played together most of the day and thankfully he went to sleep peacefully that night. I did find him barking at the door when I came back from my run in the afternoon. Sunday I decided to take both of them to the Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington for the day. My friend Lea met me there so I had someone to help me with the dogs. On the way to the beach, I looked in the rearview mirror and Bruno was standing on the top of the backseat! I had to turn on the child safety locks on the widows because he kept placing his paw on the button to roll down the window and I was worried that he would jump out. We walked them up and down the beach a couple of times and they enjoyed meeting all the other dogs and people. Neither one of them liked the water or even got close enough to it to get wet. When Lea and I laid out beach towels and tied the dogs to her beach chair, Bruno would try to lie on my towel every time I got up. After the fourth time of me picking him up and moving him off, he had enough. As I was lying down, he turned around and with both back legs started kicking sand all over me! Lea and I burst out laughing! Luckily, both dogs were worn out by the time we headed back home. As much as I enjoy dogs, I don’t think I’ll be dog sitting again (at least not in the apartment, maybe when we have a yard)! I’m also thankful that Chris was gone; I don’t think he would have put up with Bruno very well!

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