Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad dogs

While Chris and I were in Ohio over the weekend, our friends Caitlin and Brian watched Max. They were returning the favor since I watched their dog Bruno a couple of weeks ago (see post). I was mortified when I spoke to Caitlin on Sunday about what the boys were up to! Apparently Max was marking his territory by peeing on all of her indoor plants (real and fake). Of course since Max did it, then Bruno had to go around and do it…except he did one better by lifting his little leg and peeing on Caitlin! Let’s be clear, both dogs are potty trained so they know better. She said they did have their cute moments when they would both crawl into Max’s kennel to nap together but they were bad, bad boys!

1 comment:

Tanna said...

Thanks for the affirmation. I KNEW we weren't ready for a dog yet! Three kids can be "bad" enough.

Things ought to be really interesting when Nana brings Bandit to visit us soon.