Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here is our crazy Christmas schedule so you know where to find us over the holidays:

Dec. 23: Drive to Ohio

Dec. 24: Afternoon with Sonya’s parents to frost cookies, have dinner and open gifts.
Dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Kimmet
Midnight mass at St. Nicholas
Breakfast after mass with the Metzgers

Dec. 25: Morning to open gifts with Steve, Sharon and family
Grandpa and Grandma Mack’s for lunch
Steve and Sharon’s for Kimmet dinner
Lenny and Rita’s for Kirian dinner

Dec. 26: Metzger Dinner at 4:30
Pack for ski trip
Hang out with Zak (yay! Home from Iraq)
Hang out with Bryan and Kim (yay! We get to meet baby Brayden)

Dec. 27-30: 7 Springs PA…enjoying our new skis!

Dec. 30: Drive back to North Carolina

We wish everyone a blessed and wonderful Christmas and hope to see you all!

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Sounds like a whirlwind of fun! I can't wait to see you guys again, but brace yourselves for the weather...