Monday, December 15, 2008

It’s the holiday season….

Our weekend was filled with all things holiday! On Friday after work, we drove to Raleigh to pick out ski boots and get our new skis assembled (they are our Christmas gifts to each other). We also stopped at the mall to pick up a few gifts and to look for something to wear the Squadron holiday party on Saturday night. Gotta love Banana Republic! Saturday started with a trip to the Commissary (on base grocery store) for supplies and then I jumped in to Christmas cookies! So far, I’ve made gingerbread, sugar cookies, peanut butter/oatmeal/chocolate chip and double chocolate/pecan/coconut. I have a few more recipes on my list to complete this week and then I can start assembling plates to give away. I love being able to share baked goods for Christmas! Chris and I went for a four mile run in the afternoon and then got ready for the Squadron party at Huske Hardware. Our friend Grant was being “Farewelled” since he is leaving the unit so we were happy to be there to support him and wish him well. He has moved up to the 82nd Airborne Division Staff and will be deploying to Afghanistan in late April. After Huske Hardware, we went to a surprise party for one of the other officers that Chris works with and had a great time. On Sunday we bought some holiday decorations, frosted cookies and watched “The Holiday”. Wasn’t a great movie but we wanted something festive!

***I would like to clarify that at this point, Chris is not scheduled to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan. He and Grant are now working in separate units. As we all are aware that could change but for now, no deployment. Thank you.***

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