Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oktoberfest Cleveland and Labor Day weekend

Last weekend, my parents came into town and we explored cleveland! On Friday night, we met then at their campground and enjoyed some buffalo chicken pizza Chris and I brought and some s'mores, first and last of the season :).

Saturday, we rode our bikes around Rocky River and then hit Oktoberfest, carbs were everywhere! We started by watching the wiener dog races (Lila would have done great) and then enjoyed some great food and beer...for everyone else. Here are a few photos of our night:

Wiener Dog Races!
Perogies and Potato Pancakes
Bier Tent!

On Sunday, we met them at Crocker Park for lunch at BSpot. Mom and I shared a burger (New Jack City) and a chocolate, banana, roasted marshmallow milkshake...yummy!

By Monday, I was ready for some couch time! We recently subscribed to cable, for the first time in 3+ years so we started watching Game of Thrones on good! Chris really wanted to watch football so we are going to keep the cable for 6 months and then get rid of it (or so he tells me!)

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