Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Balance Check Book Cover

TODAY is the birthday of one of our dearest friends, Lea (Happy Leapalooza, my friend)!  What is Leapoolza, you ask?  Well, it's the week before and the week after Lea's birthday and the rules are simple:

1-Do something extraordinary that brings you joy ever day. 
2-Do something extraordinary for someone else everyday.

One of my "for someone else" was to make a special gift for the birthday girl, a check book cover from Amy Butler's Style Stitches.  I've used this book before to make a gift for another friend (you can read about it here and see the outcome here).  I still wish that I could have more photos in the patterns but this one wasn't too difficult though somehow I ended up with a whole extra piece of fabric cut out and and lined and then I didn't know where to put I guess I have the start to another one of these!

Amy's cover calls for a plain front but I wanted this one to be extra special

We were even able to give our gift in person this year (Lea is one of our NC friends) and have dinner with her on Friday night!  Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend!


Cari Bear said...

These are beyond adorable! You really need to get an Etsy account or start selling your wares at profit because they are fabulous, Sonya!

Sonya said...

Thanks Cari :) Maybe once I graduate :)