Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bag for Caitlin

When speaking with my friend Caitlin, she was telling me that she needed a tote bag to haul stuff around in. As mom to a one year old, I'm sure there are always things in her hands and I wanted to make her something special! I used Amy Butler's new book, Style Stitches and fabric from my fav sewing shop, Sew to Speak. I tried to take more photos of the "process" of creating the bag but there are many, many steps missing. The pattern was fairly easy to follow but there were times I was wishing for more pictures in the pattern to follow. I do LOVE the way the bag turned out and want to make one for our beach trip this summer in Amy Butler's laminated fabrics.


Anonymous said...

Sonya, you are so talented!!
-Jill :)

Sandy said...

Awesome gift, she will get LOTS of use from it, I'm sure.

Christie said... there anything you can't do?!?!?