Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cbus 10 Miler

A few weeks ago, C, Brittany and I ran the inaugural Cbus 10 Miler in Gahanna. It was, in a word, HILLY! I never knew Gahanna had so many hills, they are hidden from the road. If I would have known, I certainly would have incorporated more into my training plan. I'm so proud of C for completing his first long race and doing awesome! Brittany also had a great time! Me, not so much, due to a cold but that's okay :)

Thanks to Steve and Sharon for coming down to support us and spend the day with us (and take this photo)!

This race gave an awesome sign up gift, the technical running pull over that Brittany is wearing, we LOVE them :) And honestly, that was the whole reason C signed up for the race.

Our "official" times are as follows:

Place Name                   Time    Net Time Pace

421 Chris Kimmet             1:32:24 1:30:13  9:02
539 Brittany Kimmet           1:36:43 1:34:35  9:28
658 Sonya Kimmet            1:40:33 1:38:20  9:50
(There were 1268 runners in this race)

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Cari Bear said...

Congrats! Sounds like a fun race, and I am jealous of that pullover. I am looking forward to the day that you & I can run a race together!