Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Hands

So now that I've only got one good hand (read about it here), I've found that there are many daily tasks that require two least for me!  Makes me very thankful that this is just a short term thing and think of all of those who really only have one hand/arm.  This guy, Keiron McCammon, lost his left hand in 2006...and it's not slowing him down!
  1. Apply eye liner
  2. Walk two dogs or one not-so-good-at-walking-on-the-leash dog (not that I'm naming names but we all know it's Lila)
  3. Buttoning jeans and pants (I've been wearing dresses all week)
  4. Clasping bras (try this with one hand...really hard!)
  5. Opening bottles (opening prescription med bottles...impossible)
  6. Grinding salt and pepper (or really any cooking)
  7. Lifting laundry baskets or anything heavy that you need both hands for
  8. Cutting my own meat

 Now there is a sliver lining, I have a wonderful husband who is happy to help with any of these tasks when he was home on the weekends!

 Said husband, cutting up chicken for me so I will have food this week, with his "assistants".  BTW, he normally doesn't wear a headlamp and we don't usually keep large boxes in the kitchen.  Our power was out and the basement was flooding so we (I use this term loosely, see #7 on the list) were moving everything to higher ground.  Good times at our house!

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