Sunday, July 24, 2011

House Updates

Right before we left for vacation Chris spent a day tearing out the carpet and pulling up tacks in our bedroom and on the stairwell.  Our house is now officially carpet free and it was way past time that the old, yucky carpet be removed!  Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with the condition of the floors.  They aren't perfect and will need to be refinished but they look really, really good!  Here's what we have so far:

 Desperately needs some paint :)

 Looking good in the bedroom!

But not this area over by the window!

In the fall, after Chris moves back home after his summer internship, we'll refinish and paint the risers on the stairs.  I'm sure that will be quite an adventure!

Anyone else have any home projects going on???  Would love to know what your working on!

Also, finally matching lamps in the bedroom...lamps seem to give me issues.  Got this set at TJ Maxx! 

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