Friday, May 28, 2010

Chris is home!

Chris arrived home on Tuesday morning at 3:30am! We were super excited to see him and spend time with him.

While in NC, I only took one photo...on my phone. I'll update more when I get the pic's from Lea and Steve and Sharon :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!!! WELCOME HOME CHRIS and THANK YOU for your service!! -Jill :)

Aunt Sandy said...

SO glad you are back in the good old U.S.A.!!!,FINALLY!! I must admit, the wait was a LOT of fun. Lea is the hostess with the mostest! What a great lady! Her food AND drinks made the wait bearable. And thanks to Barbara, I mean Sharon, for all of the laughs. I think this one will stick for a long, long time! Thanks, Chris for all of your service to our country, especially your 2 tours overseas, you're the best!! Love ya lots!