Monday, January 4, 2010

My latest project...

I haven't had much time for projects lately due to the holidays and Chris being home but I have been itching to check out a quilt shop in Clintonville called Sew to Speak that Sandy told me about. I visited them this weekend and LOVED it there and their website is full of great ideas and free (!!!) patterns. The reason I was checking out new quilt shops was to find some fun, modern fabrics to create a blanket for baby Case, who will be joining my friends Caitlin and Brian in February.

Finished Project:

I'm so excited to visit Caitlin and Brian in NC for her baby shower in January!

My next project for Baby Schaffling (yeah, I know, we have A LOT of pregnant friends):

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Sandy said...

Love the quilts! I'm sure the mom's & baby's will,too. I told you that you would love Sew To Speak! Now, you have to go on down the street to The Glass Thimble, it is truly a quilt shop.