Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Afghanistan

Chris sent some photos of himself with his interpreters to my Mom for her middle school (the kids sent packages for Christmas). Here is what he wrote:

"I got some pics of myself with two interpreters that I work with. The tall guys name is Ajmal, and the 2nd is Haroon. Hope the kids like these, as you can see afghanistan is a pretty awesome lookin country. The mountains in the background aren't that far away, but are obscured becaues of all the dust and smog in the air. It was a good day because we were able to see them well enough that they showed up in the pictures. Tell all the kids thanks again for the packages."


Anonymous said...

What an adorable sign! Thank you for sharing these pictures, Sonya!
-Jill :)

Anonymous said...

Chris you are looking good.Thanks for all your hardwork. Mom

Tanna said...

Thanks for the update, Chris! You look great. And thanks for all that you do.