Monday, August 24, 2009

Tire Troubles

I forget that my car isn't "new" anymore because it doesn't seem like I've had my Jetta for four years already but occasionally I get reminders that it is aging. Like when you need new tires. Last week I asked my brother to put air in my tires because I noticed the driver's side front tire looked low. After Andrew came in from adding air he said they looked pretty worn and that I needed all new tires. At this point my Dad decided to go out and have a look. Well at 55,000 miles they did need replaced. Especailly that driver's side front one I was worried about, it had a large screw stuck in it! Dad and Andrew put my spare on for me so I could drive to MI for a wedding then last week I got all new tires (90,000 mile warranty so they should last a while).

Dad jacking up the car:

Dad and Andrew changing the tire:

The hole causing the problems:

Thanks to Dad and Andrew for their tire-changing assistance! I certainly couldn't have done it myself!

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