Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paint for the Dining Room?

I can't stand the bright blue in our dining room so it is first on the list to paint. Right now I'm leaning toward a mocha/chocolate color combo. The room is divided with chair rail with white baseboards/crown molding/chair rail. The darker color below the chair rail and the lighter on top. The dining room opens up the the living room (tan color) so I want something that will contrast but still work with it. Any suggestions/comments?

The blue in the background is the current wall color (and it is that bright!)

I'm contemplating a pale blue/gray for the bathroom (it's currently white) but one project at a time...


Cari Bear said...

That Blue is YIKES! Did Smurfs own the house before you??

I enjoy the mocha/chocolate idea. You've got a great eye for those things, so it will look fabulous no matter what you pick.

Steve and Sharon said...

I like the color choices,I think they will look great and blend well with the living room.Mom K.