Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sewing Projects

About a month ago, I worked on a baby blanket for my friend Abby who is expecting her first baby, Molly Jane, in June. Her baby shower on May 3rd was hosted in Georgia, where Abby and her husband Ed are currently stationed so I mailed the gift to them. Abby has now opened the gift and I’m happy to say that she liked it! When I asked Abby how she was decorating the nursery she said lots of colors and animals but NOT all pink so that is what I tried to do for her! I wanted to add some feminine touches so I added some bows and flowers but kept it pretty simple. (Don’t worry; I made sure everything was secure for the baby!) I hope that Abby and Molly find this quilt to be a source of comfort as they get settled into their new home in Colorado! Here are so photos of the quilt:

View of the whole quilt

Close up of the fabircs and some of the details

I used the different stitch options on the machine to write out Molly's name on the back of the quilt.

Here it is but I couldn't get a very clear photo.

I’ve also been busy working on curtains for the apartment. JoAnn Fabrics was having 50% off home interior fabrics so I stocked up. I had Chris hang the curtain rods a couple of weeks ago to motivate me to finish the curtains and get everything into shape before we start getting guests this summer.

Dinning Room

Dining Room
I used 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon for the tabs at the top
Dinning Room

Guest Bedroom
I still need to work on curtains for the living room and pillows to match but overall, things are really coming together here.


Anonymous said...

Nice!!! When will it be time for us to make quilts for you and Chris!!

Sonya said...

Don't start sewing yet! We aren't ready for quilts any time soon.

Tanna said...

Great job, Sonya! Seeing your projects makes me want to brake out my machine and get busy. They also make me feel very guilty for not having more projects of my own done.

Someday, I will find the time to start working on things again!

Have you been able to take any Bernina classes yet? They are great if you get the time/chance.