Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hair Cuts!

Today after work I received my first North Carolina hair cut. My last cut was in Ohio in Februrary before I moved so it was defiantely time for a trim! Due to Tim and Danielle's wedding in November, I'm attempting to grow out my hair so I can wear it up if I want...but I'm a fan of short hair so we will see. At the recommendation of a friend at work, I went to Megan at Tangles and she did a great job! This hair cut was a "test" of sorts, I had to make sure she could do a good cut before I get into highlighting and all that other stuff. She listened to me, knew exactly what I wanted to do and was able to make the growing out process look cute.

As for Chris, he gets his hair cut pretty much every single week to keep it at the required airborne length...which is short!

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