Sunday, February 20, 2011

And then there were two

Meet Lila, Lila Bug as we call her :) She's a two year old red mini-dachshund and the newest addition to our family. After much back and forth with the local dachshund rescue society (applications, interviews with our vets and home visits...this process took months!) she came to stay with us in January. Even though Lila and Max are the same breed, they certainly have their own personalities! She is, as we like to call it, a bit more vocal (aka barky). Lila also has some skills in the vertical leap, she can jump into our bed! She also is an early riser and early to bed. Max is the opposite, he prefers to sleep until noon and stay up late. They do share some favorites, burrowing under blankets and chasing squirrels in the yard and they both DISLIKE baths and nail trimming.

Lila, ready for a walk:

Lila, in her kennel:

Max, ready to play ball:

Ditto (unfortunately, she does not share his passion for the game of fetch):

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