Monday, July 26, 2010

Sprint Triathlon Overview

As many of you know, on Sunday I completed my first sprint triathlon: the Trek Women Series Sprint Triathlon at Buckeye Lake. Brittany invited me to participate and I'm glad I did, it was a great experience! The sprint consisted of a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. We started and ended in the water, swimming to start and thanks to a downpour, a very wet run. Here's the breakdowns:

Clock Time 01:38:59
Overall Place 116 / 249
Division Place 15 / 27
Swim 00:17:39
Swim rank 153
Trans1 00:02:59
Bike 00:49:54
Bike rank 155
Mph 14.4
Trans2 00:01:01
Run rank 80
Run 00:27:24
Pace 00:08:50

Clock Time 01:41:15
Overall Place 140 / 249
Division Place 15 / 17
Swim 00:15:49
Swim rank 114
Trans1 00:04:25
Bike 00:52:31
Bike rank 187
Mph 13.7
Trans2 00:01:19
Run rank 67
Run 00:27:09
Pace 00:08:45

Here's my take on the whole thing:
1. When I look at the break down my first thought is OH MY GOSH, a 8:50 run pace (um, I'm a 10 minute miler...have been for years so this is super fast for me). Granted I wasn't running a marathon or a 1/2, just three miles but still....I'M NEVER THAT FAST (must have been the rain).
2. I would definitely do it again, so fun! (Thanks Brittany for inviting me)
3. The swim was the scariest part but once I got into the water and away from the other swimmers, I felt much better.
4. It was nice to do something other than run miles and miles and I've enjoyed getting back to biking and swimming.

Overall a very positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone!


Steve and Sharon said...

Sonya, we really enjoyed spending the day with you and Britt. It was a lot of fun cheering you both on and seeing you do so well. You make us very proud!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing your adventure!!
-Jill :)