Monday, March 16, 2009


Photos (top to bottom):

My plate from the Sunday Buffet at Paula Deen’s famed restaurant, The Lady and Sons
Chris and I at The Lady and Sons...I was disappointed in the food!
Sonya outside of The Lady and Sons, it was two blocks from Zak’s awesome apartment
Heather, Jamie, Austin and Matt at Churchill’s English Pub
Chris and I sporting our green attire
Austin, Heather, Jamie, Me, Chris, Matt enjoying our beverages on the street, which is legal in Savannah (only in plastic cups)
Chris, Matt, Zak, Heather and Jamie at BD’s Burgers

Last weekend Chris and I ventured to Savannah (4 hour drive for us) to spend some time with his best friend, Zak and to enjoy the beautiful city. It also was St. Patrick’s weekend so there was plenty going on. We spent a lot of time with Chris’s WSU friends, who we rarely get to see.

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